bodhi life

We ourselves must walk the path

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.  

A dream not under control

One of the Most Impressive work I’ve seen in creative film making & DOP..  Alan Watts speaks what I’ve sometimes been thinking about ‪life‬. Excellent...
last man stands cricket

LMS Cricket World Championship Experience

It was a wonderful experience playing the LMS Cricket World Championship Spring League and it was an awesome result that we made it second...
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Fireheads – Emeliana Torrini

Another song I stumbled across and the vocal, the way it’s sung by Emeliana Torrini is different nice lyrics too..

Clean Bandit – Rather Be

Rather Be – Clean Bandit. Interesting yet different kind of music. Enjoyed this one much! A good little song by British electronic group Clean...
Best Malayalam Movies of All Time

Best Malayalam Movies of All Time

Below is a list of compilation of the best malayalam movies of all time in my opinion. I might have missed several movies or...
Swarathma the band

My new Favorite Indian Band – Swarathma

After quite a while, I added one more Indian band among my favorite Indian bands – Swarathma! Everything about this band – the name,...
attitude is everything

Attitude is Everything

A really interesting and different image quote that I found online. I don’t own this image and all credits goes to the creator of...

Best MD5 hash key generator tools

Below are the list of the best MD5 hash generator tools available websites online today. As this is a list of best tools available...

How to avoid XSS or cross site scripting attack

Developing well coded, organised and secure web application addressing all the common vulnerabilities and following an accepted standard in developing could ensure to an...