A Tippy post for your DSLR photography journey

Nowadays, there are aspiring pro-photographers everywhere! Everyone has a DSLR and everyone’s clicking. If you have a serious aspiration towards photography, then buying a good entry level DSLR camera is a great idea to start with. If you just want some great pictures, there is no reason to buy a DSLR and capture photos in “auto” mode, instead, you can get better results from a good quality point and shoot camera.

I personally prefer to carry a good point and shoot camera or rather a mobile phone camera at occasions where I seriously do not want to attempt a photo-shoot. Point and shoots are easy, really easy to handle when you do not want to push yourselves harder to get too creative.

Coming back to the topic, to start off, get a reasonably good DSLR camera for yourself. I am not going to start off the good old debate on weather to choose a Nikon or a Canon.Both are great imaging pro equipment companies and you can choose to have your own reasons here!

Experiment, Experiment and Experiment:  Thankfully, unlike olden days, no one needs to intern or even take coaching to learn the basics of DSLR photography. You could find awesome resources online (YouTube channels, DigitalPhotographySchool etc.) and also make good use of your camera manual document and CDs to learn where to click for what!

I equally admire (for their control with limited resources) and have pity (for the reason they did not have digital imaging) on our professional photographers of the previous generation. Photography was never so accessible like nowadays, each photo used to cost money (the film and development cost). Since today we have the luxury to experiment with each click, each setting – make use of it.

A Tippy post for your DSLR photography journey

A Pro photographer I met duing Hemis Festival at Leh, Ladakh


Join a Photography Club & go photo-walking:  Nowadays there are more than one photography clubs in most cities around the globe and they conduct free photo-walks every week. The group would together visit places of interest nearby, click pictures, share, collaborate and improve together. Join such a group on flickr or meetup.com and participate.

This will not only help you learn photography but easily visit several places around you that you could not have done easily alone. I was part of a very active photography club in Hyderabad, India – HWS (Hyderabad Weekend Shoots). The team was huge with over 1000 members and there was activity, always! Below are some clicks from past HWS meetups / photo-walks.

A Tippy post for your DSLR photography journey

Hyderabad Weekend Shoot Club meetup.

A Tippy post for your DSLR photography journey

A HWS meet up at Paigah Tombs