A Truly Inspiring Speech, One of the best, ever!

Most people know Charlie Chaplin as the “Little Tramp” always seeming to make everyone laugh. Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin was one of the greatest artist of all times and his creative career spanning over 75 years. He has made us Laugh, cry and most importantly – Think! Not many know him as a strong visionary, deep thinker and creative film maker.   A truly inspiring speech by the great actor / comedian / film maker – Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin was had an exceptional character and I really admire the boldness he shows to express his views through the pen and film. His popular movie “The Great Dictator” ended with a 6 minute inspirational speech which I think is the most meaningful and powerful speech ever recorded in history. What makes this speech different is the deep thoughts and the heart touching voice modulation.