Google is a Honest Little Hog!

Even though Google changed a lot as a company and in their way of seeing and thinking after going Public, their technology quite thinks the same way. I love the way Google has given itself a Page Rank 9 and treats Twitter with a mighty 10/10. Love to see that, in fact Twitter really deserves to be a PR 10. Even though the Google PR not a popular metric in web SERP rankings, it still holds together the lifeblood of the Google search engine algorithm. 

Lets be informed that the PR data we see on the toolbar isn’t the real one, thats just the un-updated broken showpiece, the real one that gets updated on a daily basis lies well beneath the system and is expected to be updated at least daily. In today’s approach to SEO, I would recommend more realistic third party metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, MOZ domain authority and href data.

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