How to hack or crack a WiFi network password

A Tool called Backtrack has been chosen and downloaded to demonstrate the method and steps involved in cracking the mobile WiFi network secured using WPA encryption in this assignment and below is the Solution: Below are the required important aspects of this activity

Step1: Configuring and Plugging in Network Adapter

Configure and plug in your USB wireless adapter. In several cases it is difficult to get your internal wireless adapter to get working for your Virtual machine but as a Live CD you can choose to use the internal wireless adapter, in this case, I have plugged in my wireless adapter hardware on to the machine to help the virtual machine communicate with the wireless networks.

Step2: Checking the available network adapters

Firstly let us check and find out the interfaces that are configured to this machine using the command: ifconfig ifconfig

Step3: Trigger Monitor Mode on Backtrack

Now we have to enable the monitor mode on our network adapter and for that the below command has to be used. This mode will help your network adapter to be capable or ready to view all the available networks in the range that can be used for hacking into the network. command: airmon-ng start wlan0 3 monitor mode enable

Step4: Identifying the networks available for attack

Now that our network adapter is configured to monitor all the available networks in the range, we can choose the attack network (here in my case is the home network) and we will start the attack with the below command: airodump-ng mon0 4 netowrks avaialble

Step5: Attacking the selected network

To crack the network of interest, we need to use the provided tool in Backtrack and it is called “aircrack” as shown in the below screenshot. The command used for cracking is below:

Command: aircrack-ng -w wordlist.lst -b 00:23:58:98:AC:05 hackwpa*.cap

aircrack-ng key found

Step6: Password Cracked and result delivered:

As I referred to before, it could take some time and based on the available system resources, the result will be delivered in couple of hours, for me it took about 2 hours for the password to be cracked and as shown in the below screenshot. The final screen shows that the password has been cracked successfully as set in the wireless router. You will come to know this when you have the final message as “Key Found” as shown in the image above.

Disclaimer: use this only for training or testing purpose never use this to cause any damage or gain unauthorized accesses.