Manjadikuru Malayalam Movie

Another Malayalam movie that left me satisfied, complete after watching and certainly feel the direction in which some Malayalam movie makers are going is simple awesome. This was yet another movie written by Anjali Menon (one of my favorite writers of this generation Malayalam movies) and beautifully narrated by Prithviraj as if the story happened in his childhood.

The way it is narrated is different and special – there is a sweet balance between how a grown up thinks about what happened and also what he thought then as a kid. The whole movie takes place when the whole family gets together for the ceremonies preceding the death of their father. (grandfather for the kids).

The events are shown as seen form the perspective of the kids and there is a huge script of heavy unsaid conversations throughout the movie where the right audience can read it all clear and loud. Yet another movie that I will carry in my collection.

manjadikuru malayalam movie