Nila Kaigirathu – The Feel good drug, Reinvented!

Originally one of the beautiful creations by ARR,  Reinvented several times, but loved these two performances. Niran’s performance is vocally beautiful and very close to the original. The second one is the real killer, awesomely different one but poor audio,  just wished if the audio quality was a lil better.  Nice singing and great improvisation, Saiesan Muthulingam!

Quoted as featured is Niran’s version and below is an unplugged stage performance improvised by Saiesan. Both are really awesome. The last version included is ARR’s original version of the song which is of course splendid in the magical voice of Hariharan .But to be frank, my favorite one of the three is Saiesan’s stage performance, the song has so much of a feel and may be his classical tone has helped and the beautiful BG keyboard and slow pace of the song has contributed.

A Stage Performance by Saiesan (A Superb improvised version)

An awesome unplugged cover by Niran (coffeeclub)

The Real Deal.. a flawless piece by Hariharan