Pakal Nakshatrangal, a Class Apart Malayalam Movie

Pakal Nakshatrangal is certainly a gem in the Malayalam Film Industry that went unnoticed (at least when it was released). This masterpiece written by Anoop Menon (debut work as a script writer) and directed by Rajeev Nath.

I would personally classify this as one of the Cult Malayalam movies with great depth in each word used in the movie, excellent compilation and direction. Just sad that the audience often fail to reach to the quality of the maker – this could be one example! If you don’t want to miss a wonder craft with enough creative depth, check out this movie – Pakal Nakshatrangal starring Lalettan!

From many clues the movie maker tries to give and they level of intellect and parallel thinking portrayed by “Siddharthan” in the movie it gives a strong vibe that the story is closely related to the genius Malayalam director of all times – Padmarajan.