The Unnoticed Glimpse Of God

If you ever feel the need to understand the reason of your existence then believe me it’s normal. The question knocks on every ones door. If you still don’t feel that way, you either know it or you’ve been quite busy with not much time for thoughts.┬áHas anyone seen god? I have not, but I believe in the idea of a creator .

Just look around for the striking perfection – the nature, the sky, the earth, people, everything around us – this deserves NOT to be called as a coincidence, it calls for appreciation!

It’s magical to see that every being, at least once in their entire life works with this striking perfection, So damn perfect to match the striking godly creator but that often never happens again. May beI can relate to is music, art or even writers.

When these artists create masterpieces, rarely such perfection repeats, even though they don’t realise it then, they often get surprised, was it me?? This should have been a glimpse of God – the master perfectionist who made everything so very much in sync that we even fail to notice. Look around, look within – appreciate every Glimpse of god, Feel it!