The Malayalam Movie called English: A creative treat..

Recalling what Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s fiction character “Saramma” used to address love as a “Chappalachi Sadhanam”. This Malayalam movie so aptly (and differently) named as English was an unexpected treat, at least for me. I can almost certainly say that not everyone would agree with me on this but, this is what I felt – a very realistic and different story telling approach that made this movie so lovely.

The mood of the movie is different, the background score is even different, so very very different from the mainstream movies – so close to someone carefully touching the fret board of a bass guitar that knows the story of this movie. What I loved the most is the way the story was told, certain nerve points that get revealed as story progresses. The two characters that touched me the most are: Mukesh and Jayasurya who performed magically, while others just danced to the beats played by a maestro.


Jayasurya has kept on surprising viewers over the years, each time when he carefully picks awesome characters that pushes the skeptical cine enthusiasts beyond the fire wire. I personally loved the three aspects about this movie – the storytelling style, the background score and the mood. Two scenes in this movie that will sweep anyone off their feet are:  Mukesh cries under shower when his mother was being taken off the ventilator – this is a very very intense scene maybe one of the best Mukesh moments on screen and the second one when Mukesh’s mother sees the lost Jayasurya, dancing in Kathakali costume through the window.

Some or the other way several shades of this movie really touched, might not be the same for everyone one but I would like to say in terms of direction, story telling, visualization and crafting, this was a master piece. I got my answer when the movie was over and the screen flashed – A Shayamaprasad Film!