Twitter, definitely the most powerful mode of communication today

The most powerful 140 characters combination on the internet today – a Tweet. Undoubtedly Twitter is the fastest, most powerful and most viral communication tool as of today. Many of us might already know about the flight crash landing incident at San Francisco airport yesterday.

A passenger travelling on that flight managed to make a Tweet as shown below. In no time, the tweet went viral. Before any other platform like Facebook, Google, News channels could even get a sniff of the information, it became breaking news! This shows the real power of Twitter as a networking tool capable of sending across a message viral.


Appreciate the time and courage by @eunner to take few moments to come out of the shock and “Tweet” to the world to reassure things were not really bad. Take a look at the number of ReTweets and Favorites on this particular Tweet, that will explain the power of Twitter.